Ruby & Ginger

July 6, 2007

Ruby and Ginger are fox red female Labradors whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on August 22, 2006. They were sired by Rudy and whelped by Rosie. Together, Ruby and Ginger have found a new home in Pennsylvania. Here is what Ruby and Ginger’s owners have shared with us and many others via their own webpage…

Hi Russ.

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the pups are doing great. We took them to the vet today for their well-puppy visit and they checked out A-OK. They have been so well-adjusted to everything and just the calmest little darlings. They have a field day in the yard romping all over the place and have been holy terrors with the Shih-Tzu (sp?) who lives next door. They bring her over on her leash to visit and Ruby and Ginger double-team her and run circles around her. But it's all in good fun and she's starting to really enjoy them. We also had my son's Golden visit on Sunday. Ruby and Ginger thought at first that it was mom because of her size and color. But when they realized she had no milk, they lost interest in that aspect and just enjoyed playing with her and the pomapoo they also brought along. They've been really great ... slept through the night twice and got us up a few times the other nights, but all in all, very good little dogs. They have really added so much to our family already and we're so happy we decided to get two. They are both so loving and very smart ... they are just a joy.

I've been taking pictures like crazy. I've put some up on the web for friends and family to see. You're welcome to use any of them you wish to show on your pages. Thanks again for raising such beautiful animals!"

Here is the link.

— Kathy & Mike Burch