March 20, 2007

Madison is a black female Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on February 23, 2006. She was sired by Finn and whelped by Jersey. Madison is a littermate to our own Carla. Here is what Madison’s owners have shared with us…

Hi Russ and Pam,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how wonderful our Madison (Finn and Jersey) is doing. We just celebrated her first birthday. She has been a real joy to our family. She spends most of her day playing fetch with whoever will play with her, She is definitely a chip off the old block. From what I've read in the book about her parents, she is a born retriever. We had a birthday party for her with her 2 half sisters Izzy (Beltz) and Maggie (Dudukovich) both from Finn and Tulah. The three of them had a great time together and get along wonderfully. I'm sending just a few pictures of Maddy so you can see how beautiful she is.

Thanks again for such a wonderful dog. Mary, Kevin, Kristen and Kara Hejnal Avon, Ohio. Thanks again for the best dog that I will ever own!!

— Pat Coleman