Rumajas Amber Sky Golden Star Waunee - 'WAUNEE'
(Rumajas Amber Sky Lucas x Amber Sky Golden Star's Della)

January 31, 2011




Rumajas Amber Sky Golden Star Waunee, Waunee is a light yellow Labrador female that is English bred yellow female Labrador that has a refined, feminine appearance. She has a soft kind expression and communicates through her eyes and her different expressions by tilting her head from one side to the other. She is sweet and energetic and loves to play all the time or is content to just sit beside you and hang out or be petted. Mara is on the smaller side and weighs between 60-65 pounds. She has a calm, loving temperment and is a pleasure to be around. She has a happy go lucky personality and is a very personable Labrador. Waunee is a phonetical spelling of "one e" which was short for one ear. When Waunee was a new born her ear was split by her mother's teeth when she was cleaning her off after she was born. Her ear was split in the middle and our vet stitched it together, however it did not take and Waunee ended up losing the lower portion of her ear. It was at this point that we knew Waunee was going to stay.

Waunee is the result of our third generation of breeding on her sire's side and our second generation of breeding on her dam's side. She is sired by our own Luke (Rumajas Amber Sky Lucas) and whelped by our own Della (Amber Sky Golden Star Della). Waunee goes back to our foundation bitch, Terra (Rumajas Lady Terra). The line from Waunee to Terra goes through the following dogs; Luke, her grand-dam Ellie (Rumajas Amber Sky Elliot), and then to Terra.

Having owned the Labradors that are behind Waunee going back to 1990 we are confident that her pups liek Waunee herself will be calm, loving Labradors.

Waunee's Photo Gallery

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