Pedigree of: Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Rudy
Sex M Reg No.
Date of Birth 1/28/2004 Breed Labrador Retriever
Owner Russell T. Krivak Breeder Russell T. Krivak
Colour & Markings Yellow (fox red) Call Name Rudy
Comments Rudy is a beautiful 'fox' red male labrador. He is one of our puppies that is continuing to mature into a beautiful dog. Rudy has the sweetest temperament and is kind to everyone. His pedigree contains some of the premiere kennels in the country that are striving to produce 'fox' red Labradors. Rudy is an excellent example of our third generation of breeding. He has a broad square head that is complimented with a soft kind expression, a muscular square frame with significant muscle and bone, and a nice 'fox' red color. Rudy is chocolate factored and is able to produce Labradors in all three colors. Rudy will continue to improve as he continues maturing.
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