December 27, 2006

Flip is yellow male Labrador whelped at Amber Sky Labradors on November 1, 2005. He was sired by Rudy and whelped by Bailey. Flip was a special puppy in that he was born with only half an ear at birth. It never finished developing, however, it was not really noticeable until he was about two weeks old. It was at this time that we affectionately called him ‘Flip’ for his ear, sometimes we would call him ‘Flipper’ as well. We should not have been surprised as Flip’s grandmother is Lumpy named for the bump that was on her head when she was whelped, which would eventually have to be surgically removed. Here is what Flip’s owners have to say,

Russ, On January 3, 2005, we purchased the best addition to our family! The pup you named "flipper" is still known as our precious "flip." He is now 10 months old and about 75lbs. We couldn't have asked for a better labrador. He has come to love and protect us and our two cats. He also has a blast at all of our weekend trips to the lake. He is very happy and spoiled, to say the least.

Thanks again

— Bob Falk & Brooke Rollins