Rumajas Amber Sky Sundance Stella

— Labrador Retriever, 2007 —

October 26th 2007

Registered Name:
Rumajas Amber Sky Sundance Stella

AKC Number:

Labrador Retriever


Amber Sky

Manorview's Sundance Kid

Rumajas Amber Sky Cassandra


Call Name:

Life Stage:

ACVO CLEAR 11/2008



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Rumajas Amber Sky Sundance Stella, ‘Stella’

{ Manorview's Sundance Kid } x { Rumajas Amber Sky Cassandra }

Rumajas Amber Sky Sundance Stella is an excellent representation of an “English” type female yellow Labrador that represents our 25 plus years in working with Labradors and our third generation of breeding as well. Stella is a very striking dog. Complimenting her strong “English” features of a broad square head, a short muzzle, significant bone, and a deep chest she is a very light yellow and is complimented with nice dark black pigment. She is a descendant from one of our foundation females Terra combined with both titled and non titled dogs that we selected in trying to produce a calm loving Labrador that conforms to the breed standard and is pleasing to the eye.

Stella was sired by our own Sonny (Manorview’s Sundance Kid) and our Cassie. She is a full sister to Leah and it is obvious when you compare pictures of the two of them. Both Stella and Cassie have a very striking resemblence to their sire and you can see that by comparing pictures of Stella above and to the side with her sire who is pictured at the top of this page. Sonny and Cassie had several litters and the quality of those litters was such that three different breeders sought puppies from their litters. Strengthening Stella’s pedigree are two of her grandparnets, Chelsea (Rumajas Amber Sky Chelsea and Am. Ch. Ghoststones Louie Downtown. Both of these dogs were excellent examples of the breed and ambassadors for it as they both had outstanding, calm, and gentle temperaments.

Stella has a nice calm temperament and is and extremely gentle dog, she is aware of where she is at and where she is going which is good due to the fact that she is a bigger female weighing 85 pounds. She loves to be petted and loves attention. She is at home with both people and dogs and is very happy go lucky in whichever environment she finds herself in. Stella is a good watch dog in that she barks when she sees someone entering the yard or the area she is in.

Gender: Female
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Date of Birth: October 26th 2007
AKC Number: SR46146402
Color: Yellow

Name: Rumajas Amber Sky Sundance Stella
Call Name: Stella
Breeder: Amber Sky
Sire: Manorview's Sundance Kid
Dam: Rumajas Amber Sky Cassandra

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