Windancing's Spark of Fire at Amber Sky

— Labrador Retriever, 2016 —

March 4th 2016

Registered Name:
Windancing's Spark of Fire at Amber Sky

AKC Number:

Labrador Retriever


Windancing Labradors

Windancing's Fire On The Mountain

McDowell's Sage

Dark Fox Red

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PRA clear by parentage




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Windancing's Spark of Fire at Amber Sky, ‘Sparks’

{ Windancing's Fire On The Mountain } x { McDowell's Sage }

Windancing’s Spark of Fire at Amber Sky, Sparks, is a dark fox red English type male Labrador Retriever. He has a nice square, boxy, English type head complimented by his strong muscular appearance. Sparks has a nice amount of bone in his front and has a straight topline and excellent tailset. He has nice dark black pigment around his eyes as well as on his nose. Sparks is chocolate factored meaning that he can produce chocolate pups when bred with a chocolate female or a black female that also carries the recessive chocolate gene. He is a happy go lucky dog, friendly to everyone he meets, and loves to romp and play.

Sparks came to us from Windancing Labradors and is bred from some excellent fox reds before as well as other quality English type Labradors. He is sired by Moody (Windancing’s Fire on the Mountain) and whelped by Sage (McDowell’s Sage). Both Spark’s sire and dam are strong, muscular, English type Labradors and Sparks is an excellent representation of both of them despite not being fully mature at this time.

Sparks was brought in to Amber Sky Farm to help diversify our fox red lines as it is our intent to breed him to some of the adult females that we bred that were out of our improvement litters meaning that they are either black, chocolate, or a dark yellow that were whelped or sired by a fox red. To gain more insight on fox red labradors and to understand the quality of Labradors that are behind Sparks including the history, the characteristics, and the kennels and individual Labradors that have impacted fox red labradors of today please check out the links below. For the history of the fox red shade in Labradors and some of the breeders and labradors that have brought it back from near extinction please click on the Fox Red Labrador History. To gain a better understanding on how the color of a fox red Labrador changes from birth to maturity as well as breeding philosophies revolving around fox red Labradors please click on Fox Red Labradors Information. For information about the current fox red Labradors that we presently have at Amber Sky Labradors as well as the Labradors that will be impacting future generations of fox reds please click on Amber Sky Fox Red Labradors today.

Gender: Male
Breed: Labrador Retriever
Date of Birth: March 4th 2016
AKC Number: SR924325
Color: Dark Fox Red

Name: Windancing's Spark of Fire at Amber Sky
Call Name: Sparks
Breeder: Windancing Labradors
Sire: Windancing's Fire On The Mountain
Dam: McDowell's Sage

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