Rumajas Amber Sky Milla - 'MILLA'
(Amber Sky Captain Nick's John Henry x Rumajas Amber Sky Mara)

September 8, 2015




PRA clear by parentage

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Rumajas Amber Sky Milla, Milla, is a beautiful chocolate English type Labrador that is an excellent representative of our fifth generation of breeding at Amber Sky Farm. She has a nice sqaure English head complimented by subtle refinements that give her a soft, kind, expression. Her shade of chocolate is very light in color, almost a fawn color and gives her a strking appearance that is highlighted by her strong, athletically built body. Milla's eyes are the color of burnt sugar and express a kindness that is one of the key traits that we strive to produce in our labs. She has significant bone in her straight front and nicely angulated chest. Milla has a nice straight topline and excellent tailset. She has a calm, loving temperament which she inherited from the many excellent Labradors that are behind her specifically her sire, Hank (Amber Sky Captain Nick's John Henry), and her dam, Mara (Rumajas Amber Sky Mara). We also kept Milla's littermate sister, Missy (Rumajas Amber Sky Missy) at Amber Sky Farm as both of them were such outstanding pups.

Milla is an excellent example of our fifth generation of breeding and has inherited her athletic English build from the many fine Labradors that are behind her, many of which were bred and raised by Amber Sky Farm, or were purchased by Amber Sky Farm to help improve our own bloodlines. Milla goes back to and is line bred one one of our foundation bitches, ' Terra (Rumajas Lady Terra) and also goes back to another of our foundation bitches Naomi (Cupid's Touch of Daylyn) both of which are many of our Labradors. The line from Milla to Terra of the quality English type Labradors that we have bred is as follows: Milla's dam is Mara (Rumajas Amber Sky Mara), to Milla's grand-dam Matilda (Rumajas Amber Sky Waltzing Matilda), to Milla's great-grand-sire Johnny (Rumajas Amber Sky John Henry), to Terra(Rumajas Lady Terra). The other line from Milla to Terra would be the following: Milla's dam is Mara (Rumajas Amber Sky Mara), to Milla's grand-sire Chuck (Rumajas Amber Sky Charlie Brown), to milla's great-grand-sire Star (Rumajas Amber Sky Lone Star), to Milla's great-great-grand-sire Sasha (Rumajas Lady Sasha).

The line of breeding from Milla to Naomi is similar as above however Milla's grand-sire Chuck (Rumajas Amber Sky Charlie Brown) was whelped by our own Jacklyn (Amber Sky Jacklyn's Honor), to Milla's great-great-grand-dam Naomi (Cupid's Touch of Daylyn).

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