Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Lolita - 'LOLITA'
(Am. CH. Keepsake Cajun x Rumajas Amber Sky Pride and Joy)

August 31, 2005




OFA LR-CA2224/13F/P-PI

CERF clear

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Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Lolita, Lolita is a sweet wonderful yellow Labradors female that was bred here at Amber Sky Farm. She is an excellent example of our third geneation of breeding and has all of the exceptional qualities that you would want in a Labradors: strong English type build, nice light fox red coloring, dark black pigment on her nose and around her eyes,and a sweet calm loving temperament. Lolita is champion sired out of Am. Ch. Keepsake Cajun which is the first of only two recognized fox red Labradors to have obtained an American Kennel Club Show Champion title. She was whelped by our own Lumpy (Rumajas Amber Sky Pride and Joy) who is behind all of our fox red Labradors that we have bred. Lumpy has been an exceptional producer of type and temperment for us especially in our fox reds and if you spend just a minute with Lolita the evidence of her mother's background becomes very evident. Lolita is a full litter sister to our Pippy (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Pip and Pebbles (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Pebbles). She is a half sister to our Scarlet (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Scarlet), Mona (Rumajas Amber Sky Crimson Mona), and Rosie (Amber Sky Crimson Rosette).

Lolita has a solid strong build with a nice amount of bone in her front complimnted by a stragiht appearance and angulation in her chest. She has a nice topline and tailset that compliments her strong English frame. She has a nice square English head for a bitch which is complimented by her soft kind expression. It is our belief that Lolita can communicate an entire range of emotions through her eyes and the expressions on her face. Lolita is a physically striking Labrador, however she sets herself apart with her incredible temperament. She truly has an incredible temperament. Lolita loves to be petted and when you stop she will gently paw at you again until you start or lay her head in your lap and nuzzle underneath your hand until you pet her. These characteristics are what helped Lolita serve as a therapy dog in a local public high school helping young people that have either physical or mental disabilities experience unconditional love and start to feel better about themselves and do better in school. Lolita served as a therapy dog in this special needs classroom for one school year and then left so that the class could then again raise another puppy.

Lolita is a descendant from one of our two foundation bitches, Terra (Rumajas Lady Terra) a stocky English type chocolate Labrador Retriever. Her fox red color comes from her sire, Cajun, however her dam, Lumpy, and the yellows that were behind her were all a very dark yellow.

To gain more insight on fox red labradors and to understand the what is behind Pippy there are several websites that have done an excellent job of detailing the history, the characteristics, and the kennels and individual Labradors that have impacted fox red labradors of today. For the history of the fox red shade in Labradors and some of the breeders and labradors that have brought it back from near extinction please click on the Fox Red Labrador History, for more information on fox reds of today click on Fox Red labradors today, and for more general information on the coat color inheritance and the temperament of fox red labradors click on Fox Red labrador information. You will find more information and some of the labs that are behind our fox red Labradors at Amber Sky.

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