Rumajas Amber Sky Gizmo - 'GIZMO'
(Rumajas Amber Sky Lucas x Rumajas Amber Sky Maya)

December 5, 2011


Normal for age

ELBOW CLEARANCE Normal for age

Normal for age

CERF clear

(Click on her pedigree link to see pictures of her ancestors)

Rumajas Amber Sky Gizmo, a.k.a. Gizmo is one ofour most happy go lucky Labradors that we own. She is a sweet heart of a Lab and is a great ambassador for the breed. Gizmo is an excellent example of our fifth generation of breeding Labradors at Amber Sky. She has a solid English type build with a boxy head complimented by a soft kind expression, a well muscled body, and a nice amount of bone. Gizmo has a dark yellow coat and dark black pigment on her nose and around her eyes. Gizmo is sired by our own Luke (Rumajas Amber Sky Lucas) and whelped by our own Maya (Rumajas Amber Sky Maya).

Gizmo is a physically striking Labrador, however it is her temperament that truly makes her the dog that she is. She is defined by her calm, loving temperament and nature. She is always very happy to see you and seems to not have a care in the world when she is in your company. She understands completely her role to be of service to the ones that she is around simply by being happy to see them and spend time with them.

The line from Gizmo to some of our foundation Labradors is as follows; Gizmo is line bred on our foundation female Labrador, Terra (Rumajas Lady Terra) who whelped Gizmo's grand-dam Ellie (Rumajas Amber Sky Elliot) and whelped Gizmo's great-great-grand-dam Sasha. Ellie in turn would whelp Gizmo's sire Luke (Rumajas Amber Sky Lucas). Sasha in turn would whelp our own Star (Rumajas Amber Sky Lone Star) who sired our own Chuck (Rumajas Amber Sky Charlie Brown) who sired Gizmo's dam, Maya (Rumajas Amber Sky Maya). Other Labradors thatwe bred or owned that are behind Gizmo are her great-grand-sire Jeb (Gaines Mill Jeb), her great-grand-sire Johnny (Rumajas Amber Sky John Henry), her great-great-great-grand-sire Brodie (Balcroft Crow Haven Reprise), her great-great-grand-dam Naomi (Cupid's Touch of Daylyn), and her great-grand-dam Jacklyn (Amber Sky Jacklyn's Honor).

All of the Labradors above have combined to make Gizmo the great Labrador that she is.

Gizmo's Photo Gallery

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