Pedigree of: Amber Sky Crimson Fannie
Sex F Reg No. SR79637704
Date of Birth 8/28/2013 Breed Labrador Retriever
Owner Russell T. Krivak Breeder Russell T. Krivak
Colour & Markings Chocolate Call Name
Amber Sky Captain Nick's John Henry Am CH Simerdown's Dr Pepper Am CH Naiken Inidan Temple MH Brandhams Show Stopper Can CH Boothgates Kountry Kraft Boothgates Krazy Kaper
Boothgate Mascot
Brandhams Hot Choice For Oulsmi Lindall Marcus at Donalbain
Boothgates Hot Scoop For Brandham
Naiken Fairy Footsteps Lougin Lancer Eng CH Blondella Balance
Lougin Nut Cluster
Naiken Adisi Special Edition of Mardas
Jimjoy Mocha Brown
Jenivelle's Princess Tyonek Am CH Simerdown's Webster's Unabridged Sunnydaze Black Max SH Am CH Kupros Marshall
Sunnydaze Delta Dawn
Simerdowns Cracklin' Rosie Am CH Appollo's Gallactic Hunter
Am CH Simerdown's Song 'N Dance
Simerdown's Queen Jenivelle Simerdown's SGT Preston Am CH Aristes' Chocolate Sensation
Simerdown's Arabesque
Cherryvale Simmering Samantha Simerdown's Gulliver JH
Cherryvale Forecast Tamaira
Captain Nick's Sun Del Sloop Am CH Shannon's Absolut Peppar Am CH Guideline's Gant Fieldvalley's Fabianco Lundsidens Alex
Fieldvalleys Alina Mertoun
Guideline's Mondi Novacroft Buster
Guideline's Make-No-Doubt
Lobuff's Absolut Necessity Am CH Lobuff's Bare Necessities Am CH Dickendalls Ruffy SH
Second Sight Brandie
Am CH Lobuff's Sundown at Kerrymark Am CH Northwood Sandman
Am CH Lobuff's Tequila Sunrise
Sundel Finn-N-Tonic Am CH Commander Coleridge Simandem Sultan Simadem Sam Browne of Balrion
Forgemartins Gemma at Simandem
Houndall Heiress Rooklane Countryman
Dartaway Coralmist
Highspires Finn-Tasy Am CH Toll-House Lobuff Fin-tastic Fin. CH Caveris Kani Nibal
Second Sight Smarty Pants
Highspire's Blame It On Cleo Am CH Banner's Muskelunge Buckeye
Am CH Boradors Coppertone Cleo
Black Iron's Foxy Lockxy Bluegills Amos Ottis MH Twin Ponds Man in Red MH Tennessee Chase of S and B Weller's Moses of Antioch A Shade Lighter
Sue's Gal Sal
Misty Morn of Stately Pines Pl's Hichk From French Lick
Chelsie of Carolina
Rockhill's Twin Ponds Pudge Rockhill's Hillview Harley FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go
Candlewoods Dream Weaver
Rockhill's Princess Sasha Waylon Prine of Caroline
Peaches and Creme of Caroline
Hint of Cinnamon Cindy MH Brandywine's Wizard MH FC AFC Cornerstone Wizard of Oz Excalibur VII
Ms Delta Dash
Cookies' Nelle It Shut FC AFC Cookies' Spot'em Now
Antsy Beja of Brandywine MH
Rockhill Misty-Eyed Christy Rockhill's Hillview Harley FC AFC Wilderness Harley To Go
Candlewoods Dream Weaver
Rockhill's Crazy Like a Fox FC Kodiak of Sunnyburke
Candlewood's Double Bubble
Ruby Red of Bluegill Kelleygreens Tiger Red Kelleygreens Sharp Shooter Am CH Kelleygreens On Target Am CH Charway Crofter
Am CH Balrion Lady of Fashion
Kelleygreens Faith Am CH Charway Maverick
Kelleygreens Lady in Red
Kelleygreens Gilda Balrion Red Alert Eng CH Wynfaul Tobasco
Lady Bountiful at Balrion
Henning Mill Kelleygreen Henna Am CH Scartho Frost
Am CH Rocheby Rippling Corn
Ginger of Charity Hill Charity Hill's Argus Luth Balrion Red Alert Eng CH Wynfaul Tobasco
Lady Bountiful at Balrion
Taffy Luth of Charity Hill Am CH Triple LS Davey Crocket
Dawn Luth of Charity Hill
Cheyanne of Charity Hill Charityhill's Goliath Luth Chester Brown of Charityhill
Elsie Girl Charityhill
Bridgette Of Charity Hill Hickory Knoll's Gen Sherman
Madison Strutz of Windwillow
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