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Welcome to Amber Sky Labradors - est. 1983
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CURRENT AVAILABILITY as of 5/02/2016 - Please click on the pup/dog's picture for more information. Like us on Facebook by clicking on the link.

Labrador Puppies for Sale Labrador Puppies for Sale Labrador Puppies for Sale
Labrador Puppies for Sale Labrador Puppies for Sale

Welcome to Amber Sky Labradors where we have dedicated over 30 years in producing calm Labradors that excel as companions to you and your family. During this time frame we are proud to have produced many wonderful labradors that have become valued members of families in Northeast Ohio as well as across the midwest. We have used our own labs in conformation shows and have shot over them in the fields. Our puppies that we have produced over the years have served in many roles ranging from work as a search and rescue dogs to being trained and working as therapy dogs. However the greatest achievement one of our Labradors can make is to have earned the love, trust, and loyalty of the families or individuals that bring them into their lives. That is our goal in its simplest form to produce a calm Labrador that will become a part of your family.

As part of our philosophy we believe that a sound Labrador breeding program should raise Labradors in all three American Kennel Club colors; Black, Yellow, and Chocolate. Our yellow Labradors range in color from a light white to a fox red shade of yellow. We believe that our Labradors and the puppies we produce are pleasing to the eye and warming to the heart. We as breeders strive to produce what many people refer to as 'English' type labrador meaning that the dog has a square or 'blocky' head as many people refer to it, a strong well muscled body, and a soft kind expression.

Please spend some time looking at our Labradors for sale, check out our current litters, or litters that we have planned. In addition you can read a short history of us under Our Labs, read the comments and view the pictures of previous puppy buyers have shared with us under our Testimonials, and if you have any questions please email or call us at the contacts listed on our Contact page and we would be glad to help. Thank you for visiting!

Russ and Kim

Available Litters/Puppies

Gnocchi & Raisin

An all chocolate litter born on February 26, 2016. The pups from this litter will grow and mature to represent an excellent representation of an English type Labrador. This pups from this litter have a well-bred pedigree as Gnocchi is champion sired and Raisin has many influential chocolate Labradors behind her in her pedigree. This litter is very special to us as it goes back to our very first Labrador in 1984. We currently have two dark chocolate females available in this litter.

Pictured below is the available female pup out of the Gnocchi and Raisin litter

Labrador Puppies for Sale

Monte & Latte

A black and yellow litter born on March 16, 2016. A mature pup from this litter will be an excellent example of a well-bred English type Labrador Retriever. This litter has a solid pedigree and is the result of our fourth generation of breeding on the dam's side. These pups will have a calm loving temperament like their sire and dam making them an ideal family companion. We currently have black females and a yellow male available.

Pictured below are the available black female pups from the Monte and Latte litter

Labrador Puppies for Sale Labrador Puppies for Sale Labrador Puppies for Sale

Pictured below is the available yellow male from the Monte and Latte litter

Labrador Puppies for Sale

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